Text Editions

Dr. Eyffinger has produced critical editions of a variety of works in the domains of International Law, Political Science, and Letters by the Dutch humanist Hugo Grotius (1583-1648), reputedly one of the founders International Law.

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De Rol van Frankrijk op het Staatstooneel van Europa

Een voordracht van Tobias Asser uit zijn studententijd


On Good Faith and Bad Faith

Latin Text, English translation, and Commentary on Chapter VI (De Fide et Perfidia) of Hugo Grotius’ Parallelon Rerumpublicarum (‘A Comparison of Commonwealths’), 1600-1602. Grotiana N.S. Vol. 36. (2015).


Hugo Grotius, Mare Liberum, De Vrije Zee

Latin text and Dutch translation of Hugo Grotius’ epochal tract on the Freedom of the Seas (1609), with a substantial historical introductory note. (ISBN 978 90 70062 507)


Hugo Grotius, Sophompaneas (1635)

A Neo-Latin Political Drama on Joseph, Vice-Roy of Egypt, with personal overtones. Text, English translation and Commentary. (ISBN 90 232 2682 8)


Denken over Oorlog en Vrede.

A selection in Dutch from Hugo Grotius’ major work on the Laws of War and Peace (De jure belli ac pacis, 1625). Co-edited with Mr. B.P. Vermeulen. (ISBN 90 263 0885 X)


The Poetry of Hugo Grotius; Juvenile Poetry (1602-1603)


(ISBN 90 232 2361 6)


De Republica Emendanda: A Juvenile Tract by Hugo Grotius on the Emendation of the Dutch Polity.

Grotiana N.S. Vol 5 , 1984