The World Court Vol. I - Softcover - Text edition


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The World Court Vol. I

Text edition

Recalls the pursuit of the ideal of a World Court from its inception, some seven centuries ago. It then focuses on the Constitutive Phase (1870-1920) of the Court, including the discourse at the Hague Peace Conferences (1899, 1907), that culminated in the adoption of its Statute of the Court in December 1920. The volume recalls the contributions of research bodies like the Institut de droit international (f. 1873) the International Law Association (f. 1873) and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (f. 1889) in the process. It highlights the Draft Statute drawn up by the legendary Advisory Committee of Jurists (ACJ, 1920) and reviews the response and emendations implemented by the political bodies of the League of Nations, its Council and Assembly, at the instigation of the Powers. The volume includes scores of biographies of the jurists and diplomats prominently involved in the process, along with a wealth of diagrams, schemes, drafts and documents. It features extensive chronological and bibliographical sections. In addition, the richly edited illustrated edition is illuminated with hundreds of pictures of prominent jurists, bodies and institutions, and amply draws on the interior decorating of the venue of the Court, the Peace Palace. The text-only edition has an additional supplementary section of drafts and documents.

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An Ambitious Project


True to our core commitment to highlight the role of The Hague as ‘Judicial Capital’, at Judicap the years 2020-2024 are dedicated to the Centenary of the World Court (1922-2022). In an ambitious project, the history of the concept of such a Court, the fascinating tale of its constitution, and the impressive role and record of the world’s highest judicial organ are covered in two series of publications that run parallel. The first series covers the story in three lavishly illustrated volumes, the second series is a richly documented three-volume text-only edition. Both series will be made available in hard-bound and soft-cover versions. The first volume in both versions will be available as of July 1st 2022. The first copy will be presented to H.E. Judge Peter Tomka, Judge and former President of the ICJ, who may pose as the initiator of the project. The presentation will take place during a commemorative workshop (“The Hope of Ages”) at Nymegen University, co-organized by Prof. Christian Tams (University of Glasgow) and Prof. Henri de Waele (Radboud University, Nymegen).

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