Among the lavishly illustrated books written by Dr. Eyffinger in recent years are:

The trusteeship of an ideal –

The Carnegie Foundation: vignettes of a century

Published: 2004
ISBN: 90 70024 837

The Hague, International Centre of Justice and Peace

Published: 2003
Second, Enlarged Edition 2006. Reprint 2007
ISBN: 90 70062 321

The 1899 Hague Peace Conference:

The Parliament of Man, the Federation of the World

Published: 1999
ISBN: 90 41111 921
Awarded by The American Society of International Law

The International Court of Justice 1946-1996

Published: 1996
English and French editions
ISBN: 90 70024 837
ISBN: 90 41104 682
Awarded by The American Society of International Law

The Peace Palace, Residence for Justice, Domicile of Learning

Published: 1988
ISBN: 90 66113 316
English and Dutch edition; various reprints


JUDICAP also handles less prestigious projects and publications. Among the smaller, low budget publications of recent date we mention:

Zeven Maal Zeven:

De Muiderkring 1954 – 2004

Published: 2005
(published by JUDICAP)
ISBN: 90 80914 819

Prins Maurits en Hugo de Groot:

Een drama in beeld

Published: 2004
(private publication Gorcums Stedelijk Museum)