Projects, Presentations and Publications

Judicap is short for Judicial Capital – meaning The Hague. The aspiration of The Hague is to be the domicile of the International Judiciary, of Courts and Tribunals for conflict prevention and dispute settlement. This claim is the outcome of endeavours going back a full hundred years.

We at Judicap cannot claim such a high pedigree. But we do identify with this ambition a full hundred percent. Our core business is precisely this ‘Hague Tradition’ of International Law and Peace Studies. To tell its history. To appraise its role and record. To evaluate its stumbling blocks. And, above all, to underpin its pertinence.

Over the past fifteen years we have carried out this gospel from St. Petersburg to Perth. We have travelled the world with exhibitions, catalogues and lecturing tours.

We have projected Factsheets and Flyers, and produced comprehensive Guides of all Hague-based International Organizations, Research Centres and Fora of Education.

Judicap’s province is as wide as its approach is flexible. We develop databases, courses and powerpoint presentations both at the expert academic level and to serve wider educational purposes. JUDICAP emphatically seeks to bridge the gap between the world of learning and the interested layman.

We have been commissioned by a palet of clients. We have worked on the request of Ministries and Museums, Embassies and Entreprises, public authorities and private associations, at home and abroad.

Judicap will be proud to become YOUR partner in any way that suits your purposes best.