Over the years Arthur Eyffinger has instigated, written and (co-)edited numerous lavishly illustrated publications in various formats, from coffee table books to highlight jubilees of institutions and historical events, to catalogues to accompany exhibitions Judicap produced. In this category these publications are listed in chronological order.


The Peace Palace, Residence for Justice, Domicile of Learning / Het Vredespaleis

English and Dutch edition; various reprints.

ISBN 90 66113 316


The International Court of Justice 1946-1996 La Cour internationale de Justice

English and French editions

Awarded by The American Society of International Law

 ISBN 90 41102 213 and 90 41104 682


The 1899 Hague Peace Conference :

The Parliament of Man, the Federation of the World

Awarded by The American Society of International Law

ISBN 90 41111 921


The Hague, International Centre of Justice and Peace

Second, Enlarged Edition 2006. Reprint 2007

This book was linked to a series of international exhibitions.
See also under Exhibitions.

ISBN 90 70062 321


The Trusteeship of an Ideal: The Carnegie Foundation, Vignettes of a Century

ISBN 90 70024 837


The 1907 Hague Peace Conference : “The Conscience of the Civilized World“

A Judicap Production

ISBN 90 809148 2 7



Oorlog, Vrede of Bestand? 1609 door de ogen van Hugo de Groot

This study presents a survey in Dutch of Hugo Grotius’ political views and religious tenets around 1609, at a critical juncture in the Dutch Revolt. The texts are taken from Grotius’ publications and correspondence on the eve of the Twelve Years’ Truce (1609-1621) and the Remonstrant Troubles (1610-1619) that put a dramatic ending to his political career in the Netherlands.

ISBN 978 90  70062 514

Likewise illustrated, but in smaller format


Dreaming the Ideal, Living the Attainable : T.M.C. Asser [1838-1913], Founder of The Hague Tradition

ISBN 978 90 6704 340 3



“The Stars of Eternal Truth and Right“ : Bertha von Suttner’s Campaigning For Peace, Social Justice, and Womanhood

This book was linked to the exhibition: Women For Peace; see also under Exhibitions


Read through pages 1-28 here.

ISBN 978 94 6240 034 4

Low budget publications

JUDICAP also handles less prestigious projects and publications. Among the low budget publications we mention:


Prins Maurits en Hugo de Groot: Een Drama in Beeld

Private publication Gorcums Stedelijk Museum


Zeven Maal Zeven: De Muiderkring 1954 – 2004

Published by Judicap.

ISBN 90 80914 819