Full Listing of Research Publications

Eyffinger’s work can be categorized into two periods within his career:

First period (1975-1987)
A. Grotius Research
Emphasis on Research and Editing Works Hugo Grotius


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Christus Patiens, 1608 (co-authorship; Series Dictwerken/Poetry Hugo Grotius KNAW)
Grotius Poeta (Thesis Amsterdam)
Inventory of the Poetry of Hugo Grotius
The Grotius Collection at the Peace Palace
De Republica Emendanda; The Emendation of the Dutch Polity, in Grotiana N.S. Vol. 5 (1984)
The Latin Poetry of Hugo Grotius 1602-1603, Assen 1988 (Series Poetry Hugo Grotius)
Denken over Oorlog en Vrede (abridged edition of Grotius’ On the Laws of War and Peace)
Sophompaneas 1635; A Neo-Latin Tragedy (Series Poetry Hugo Grotius)
Prins Maurits en Hugo de Groot: Een Drama in Beeld, Gorcum 2004.
De Vrije Zee. Critical Edition and Dutch Translation of Hugo Grotius’ Mare Liberum (1609)
Oorlog, Vrede of bestand? 1609 door de Ogen van Hugo de Groot
On Good Faith and Bad Faith; (G. Grotius, Parallelon Rerumpublicarum, Ch. VI: De Fide et Perfidia) in Grotiana N.S., Vol. 36 (2015)


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Het Lijden van Christus; Dutch Translation of Grotius’ Humanist Drama Christus Patiens, 1608
Parallelon Rerumpublicarum Liber Tertius (1602); Text-Critical Edition and English Translation

Catalogues / Exhibitions

(editor; co-editor; contributor)

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Catalogue / Exhibition Hugo Grotius (1583-1983); Princenhof Museum Delft [c-e]
Catalogue / Exhibition Hugo Grotius (1583-1983); Royal Library, The Hague [e]
Catalogue / Exhibition Hugo Grotius (1583-1983); Peace Palace, The Hague [e]
Catalogue / Exhibition Prince Maurice of Orange, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam [co]
Exhibition ‘Een Drama in Beeld: Prins Maurits en Hugo de Groot’; Gorcum, Municipal Museum
Exhibition ‘A Grotian Moment’; New Church, Delft


Numerous entries in encyclopedias and some 40 articles in learned journals on the life and works of Hugo Grotius,
notably on his Dutch period, his intellectual growth, and his views on State and Church.

  • De dichter Hugo de Groot, in: Forum der Letteren 19 (1978), 212-216.
  • Prent en Puntdicht. Gotius’ Maurits-Epigrammen, in: Oud Holland 92 (1978), 161-206.
  • Het Papenbroeck 10, een merkwaardig kladhandschrift van Hugo de Groot (1583-1645), in: Lias 7 (1980), 93-140.
  • Zin en Beeld. Enige kanttekeningen bij twee historieprenten, in: Oud Holland 93 (1979), 251-269.
  • De Geslachtsboom van Nassau van 1601, in: Oud Holland 94 (1980), 88-111.
  • Iets over Grotius’ vroegste betrekkingen tot de Oranjes, in Jrbk Ver. Oranje Nassau Museum 1981, 5-51.
  • Outlines of Hugo Grotius’ Poetry, in: Grotiana N.S. 3 (1982), 57-72.
  • De ontwikkelingsgang van een humanist: Hugo de Groot, in: Wijsgerig Perspectief 23 (1983), 46-54.
  • In Quest of Synthesis; An Attempted Synopsis of Grotius’ Works according to their Genesis and Objective, in Grotiana N.S. 4 (1983), at 76-88.
  • Hugo Grotius, poet and man of letters, in: The World of Hugo Grotius (1583-1645), Proc. Coll. KNAW 1983 (1984), 83-95.
  • Grotius’ treatise on the Dutch constitution: De Republica Emendanda (=Grotiana N.S. Vol.5-1984).
  • Hugo de Groot, in: Hugo Grotius 1583-1983; Maastricht Colloquium, 1984, 1-11.
  • Hugo de Groot. Oriëntatiecursus Cultuurwetenschappen. Leereenheid Open Universiteit, 1985.
  • “Cui bono si Agamemnon diserte loquitur”: achtergronden en doelstellingen van de Neolatijnse tragedie, in: Lampas 18 (1985), 363-383.
  • Provisional Inventory Manuscripts Hugo Grotius, 1985 (Reprint forthcoming 2016)
  • Exemplum Pietatis: Patriotism in Grotius’ Early Verse, in Grotiana N.S. 8 (1987), 99-119.
  • De politieke component van het humanistendrama, in: De Zeventiende Eeuw 3 (1987), 25-38.
  • ‘La Plus Belle des Histoires’: Grotius’ Drama on Joseph in Egypt, in: Grotiana N.S. 8 (1987), 80-90.
  • Grotius’ drama on Joseph in Egypt in the tradition of the theme, in: Acta IANLS 1988, 261-268.
  • “Als ik maar met U sterf, de rest my niet en scheelt: het genre van de heroïsche brief”, in: Hermeneus 62 (1990), 169-178.
  • Hugo Grotius’ Parallelon rerumpublicarum, in: De Hollandse jaren van Hugo de Groot (1583-1621), 1996, 87-95.
  • Justus Lipsius and Hugo Grotius, in: Lipsius in Leiden, 1997, 163-177.
  • “Amoena gravitate morum spectabilis”. Justus Lipsius and Hugo Grotius, in: Belgisch Hist. Inst. Rome, 68 (1998), 297-327.
  • Hugo de Groot, A Passionate Thinker, in: The Low Countries, 1999-2000, 255-262.
  • Een stil proces van vervreemding… Prins Maurits en Hugo de Groot, in: Maurits, Prins van Oranje 2000, 92-104.
  • Een te lang veronachtzaamd juweeltje: het Parallelon rerumpublicarum van Hugo de Groot, in: Limae labor et mora. Opstellen Fokke Akkerman, 2000, 127-144.
  • “The Fourth Man”; Stoic tradition in Grotian Drama, in: Grotius and the Stoa, ed. Blom/Winkel, Assen, 2004, 117-156.
  • The Poet and the Prince. Grotius’ Genealogy of the House of Orange (1601); Lecture Cambridge Society for Neolatin Studies, Sept. 2002]
  • In Memoriam Mrs. B.J.A.H. de Kanter-Van Hettinga Tromp, In: Grotiana N.S. 20/21(2000), 1-8.
  • Introduction to Petrus Cunaeus, The Hebrew Republic, ed. Peter Wyetzner, Jerusalem/New York, 2006, ix-lxx.
  • Een Kernmoment in Onze Geschiedenis: De Positie van Hugo de Groot aan de Vooravond van het Bestand; in: Mare Lberum 1609-2009, Lezingen over Hugo de Groot, ed. A.Chiarella, Oisterwijk 2010, 9-23.
  • ‘The Unacknowledged Legislators of Mankind’; Greek Playwrights as Moral Guidance to Hugo Grotius’s Social Philosophy, in: The Early Modern Cultures of Neo-Latin Drama, Louvain 2013, 203-217.

Second Period (1988 – present)
B.   (History of) International Law
Emphasis on History International Law and Peace Studies


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The Peace Palace: Residence For Justice, Domicile of Learning, The Hague 1988. Various Reprints over 1988-2013.
Het Vredespaleis, The Hague 1988. Various Reprints over 1988-2013.
Compendium Volkenrechtsgeschiedenis [ed.] Second upgraded edition in 1991)
Cornelis van Vollenhoven (1874-1933)
The International Court of Justice, Dordrecht 1996
La Cour internationale de Justice, Dordrecht 1999
The 1899 First Hague Peace Conference. The Parliament of Man, the Federation of the World, Dordrecht 1999.
The Hague, International Centre of Justice and Peace; Second Edition 2005.
The Trusteeship of an Ideal; The Carnegie Foundation, Vignettes of a Century 1904-2004, The Hague 2004
The 1907 Hague Peace Conference; The Conscience of the Civilised World, The Hague 2007.
Self-Defence as a Fundamental Principle. Eds. A. Eyffinger, A. Stephens, S. Muller, The Hague 2009
Guide to International Organizations in The Hague. Upgraded versions in 2011, 2013.
T.M.C. Asser [1838-1913], Founder of the Hague Tradition; The Hague 1911.
The Stars of Eternal Truth and Right: Bertha Von Suttner’s Campaignig for Poeace, Social Justice, and Womanhood, Oisterwijk 2013.

Catalogues / Exhibitions

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The Future of War, St. Petersburg, Hermitage [c]
The Hague, City of Peace and Justice. Centennial First Hague Peace Conference.
Museum International Court of Justice, The Hague [e]
European Peace Museum, Burg Schlaining, Austria [co]
Exhibition The Hague, International Centre of Justice and Peace [e]
Commission Ministry Foreign Affairs occasioned by Dutch Chairmanship OSCE.
– 2003: on display in Vienna (Hofburg);
Vienna, U.N. International Centre (V.I.C.); U.N.
Geneva (Palais des Nations);
Sofia (Municipal Art Gallery);
St. Petersburg (Law Faculty, Dom Juridika);
– 2004: Atrium, The Hague City Centre, The Hague;
– 2006: Perth (Australia)
The Carnegie Foundation (1904-2004); Museum Mesdag, The Hague
Bertha von Suttner; Public Library, The Hague
Feodor Martens and The Hague; on display in Tallinn, Estonia
Centre for Internationalism; Atrium, The Hague City Centre, The Hague
‘A Grotian Moment’; New Church, Delft
‘Women For Peace’. Atrium, The Hague City Centre, The Hague


Some 40 articles in learned journals on the history of international law, international organization and peace studies, notably in the Hague tradition, and on Dutch international policy.

  • Foreword in From Erasmus to Tolstoy, ed. P. van den Dungen, New york/London 1990, vii-xviii.
  • Europe in the Balance: An Appraisal of the Westphalian System, in: Netherlands International Law Review 45 (1998), 161-187.
  • The Morality of Necessity. Dutch Foreign Policy and the International Legal Order, in: The Foreign Ministry 200 Years (1998), 145-163.
  • De hele wereld bijeen! De Eerste Haagse Vredesconferentie van 1899. Mesdagkwartierlezing 1999.
  • The Beginning, Not the End! An Appraisal of the 1899 Hague Peace Conference, in: The Centennial of the First International Peace Conference. Reports and Conclusions, 2000, speech [13.pdf.]
  • In the Midst of the Throng and Crush – The Dutch Policy at the First Hague Peace Conference, in: The Centennial of the First International Peace Conference. Reports and Conclusions [1899nl.pdf]
  • Frieden durch Recht, Symbole des Friedens. Eine Sprache ohne Grenzen? in: Zur Kultus des Friedens, 2000, 182-191.
  • A Place in Valhalla! A Portrait of Elie Ducommun retraced in The Hague, in: Elie Ducommun 1833-1906 (2002), 51-92.
  • The Hague, International Centre of Peace and Justice, in: The Low Countries 2004, at 214-223.
  • Living Up to a Tradition, In: The Hague, Legal Capital of the World, ed. P.J. van Krieken, D. McKay, The Hague 2005, 29-45.
  • Het Vredespaleis, Icoon van International Den Haag, In: Nederland in de Negentiende Eeuw, eds. J. Bank, M. Mathijsen, Amsterdam 2006, ==
  • Vreedzame geschillenbeslechting (co-author Pieter Kooijmans), in Handboek Internationaal Recht, ed. N. Hornbach, R. Lefeber, O. Ribbelink, The Hague 2007, 347-384.
  • A Highly Critical Moment: Role and Record of the 1907 Hague Peace Conference, In: NILR 54 (2007), 197-228.
  • Self-Defence, or the Meanderings of a Protean Principle, In: Self-Defence as a Fundamental Principle; Eds. A. Eyffinger, A. Stephens, S. Muller, The Hague 2009, 103-138.
  • A Caravan Passes By; The Centenary of the Netherlands Sociaty of International Law, in NILR 57 (2010), 143-168.
  • Diplomacy, in: The Oxford Handbook of the History of International Law, eds. B. Fassbender, A. Peters, Oxford 2012, 814-839.


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Special Award American Society of International Law for The International Court of Justice, 1996
Certificate of Merit American Society of International Law for The 1899 Hague Peace Conference, 1999
Pilgrim’s Badge City Pernau, Estonia ( for research on F. Martens)